Is there a minimum age requirement to join?

We base joining predominantly on ability level. Historically our youngest members are 7+

Can parents join the committee?

The club holds regular meetings & annual AGM's which are an opportunity to nominate new members. We welcome parents with diverse skills to offer their voluntary assistance. Please feel free to email us.

Are athletes coached at national competitions?

A portion of your club membership goes towards sending coaches to certain snowsports competitions to mentor & guide our groups. This is dependant on group numbers, ability & is decided case by case by the committee.

What is your code of conduct for club members?

As members of the RSSA, the club expects athletes to model high standards of behavior and act in a way that enhances the reputation of the RSSA, RSSA sponsors and any supporting organisations. This includes: While taking part in any activity organized by RSSA or one that RSSA is attending. While on any commercial premises where activities organized by RSSA are being hosted. At any time while wearing any clothing or uniform identifying an association with RSSA (Athletes are easily identified so their behaviour must reflect the RSSA standards). When posting on social media websites where a public association is discernable to RSSA or any of its training providers. When accessing and or communicating over public WiFi networks or ad-hoc services such as Airdrop and other file transfer services. A significant amount of RSSA training or events will occur in public areas, athletes at all time must be courteous to members of the public respect the public rights to shared facilities (e.g. lift ques, terrain, café seating etc.) Athletes must respect the coaches decisions and follow their instructions during training. Each Athlete shall exhibit a duty of care for the safety of all other Athletes and shall be aware of best, safe practices relevant to the activities being undertaken. Failure to adhere with the above Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action being taken by the coaches or club officials, which may result in the removal from club training, and possibly suspension or termination of membership in accordance with the Rules for the RSSA.